Hyundai Genesis: Door locks / Power Door Latch

If a door isn’t closed completely but is closed to the first detent position, the door will close automatically.


To reduce the risk of injury:

  • Before closing the door, check there are no obstructions in the path of the door.
  • Keep your fingers away from the edge of the door or they may become trapped when the power door latch operates.
Operating door locks from outside the vehicle
Mechanical key First, remove the cover (1~2), and then turn the key toward the rear of the vehicle to unlock and toward the front of the vehicle to lock (3). If you lock the driver's door wi ...

Operating door locks from inside the vehicle
With the door lock button To unlock a door, push the door lock button (1) to the “Unlock” position. The red mark (2) on the door lock button will be visible. To lock a door, push ...

Other information:

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