Hyundai Genesis: LKAS operation / LKAS activation

  • The LKAS screen will appear on the LCD display if the system is activated.
  • When both lane lines are detected and all the conditions to activate the LKAS are satisfied (green steering wheel indicator will illuminate and the LKAS indicator light will change from white to green), the steering wheel will be controlled.


The Lane Keeping Assist System is a system to prevent the driver from leaving the lane. However, the driver should not solely rely on the system but always check the road conditions when driving.

If the system detects a lane line, the color changes from gray to white.

LKAS operation
To operate: Press the LKAS button with the Engine Start/Stop button in the ON position. The indicator (white) illuminates on the cluster. To cancel: Press the LKAS button again. The indic ...

If you cross a lane line, the lane line you cross will blink (yellow) on the LCD display with steering wheel vibration warning. If the steering wheel appears, the system will contro ...

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