Hyundai Genesis: Heater / Heater Unit Components and Components Location

Component Location

Components (1)

1. Shower duct (Left)
2. Mode actuator (LH)
3. Temperature control actuator (LH)
4. Temperature door lever (Left)
5. Mode actuator (A)
6. Console temperature actuator (A)
7. Console mode actuator ON/OFF
8. Heater case (Left)
9. Console temperature door (A)
10. Duct seal center
11. DEF door assembly (left)
12. Vent door assembly (left)
13. Temperature door assembly (left)
14. Floor door assembly (left)

Components (2)

1. Separator
2. DEF door assembly (right)
3. Vent door assembly (right)
4. Temperature door assembly (right)
5. Floor door assembly (right)
6. Heater case (right)
7. Console mode door assembly
8. Console door assembly ON / OFF
9. Console temperature door assembly
10. Emulator core assembly
11. Emulator core lower cover
12. Drain hose assembly
13. Mode actuator
14. Mode actuator (RH)
15. Mode actuator (RH)
16. Mode cam (right)
17. Heater core assembly
18. Shower duct (right)


Heater Unit Repair procedures
Replacement 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Recover the refrigerant with a recovery/recycling/charging station. 3. When the engine cools down, drain the engine coolant ...

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