Hyundai Genesis: Cylinder Head Assembly / Components and Components Location


1. RH cylinder head
2. RH cylinder head gasket
3. LH cylinder head
4. LH cylinder head gasket
5. Cylinder block

1. Camshaft bearing cap
2. Camshaft thrust bearing cap
3. RH exhaust camshaft
4. RH intake camshaft
5. RH exhaust CVVT assembly
6. RH intake CVVT assembly
7. Mechanical lash adjuster (MLA)
8. Retainer lock
9. Retainer
10. Valve spring
11. Valve stem seal
12. Valve
13. RH intake camshaft OCV
14. RH exhaust camshaft OCV
15. RH cylinder head
16. LH intake camshaft OCV
17. LH exhaust camshaft OCV
18. Fuel pump bracket
19. LH intake camshaft
20. LH exhaust camshaft
21. LH intake CVVT assembly
22. LH exhaust CVVT assembly
23. LH cylinder head

Cylinder Head Assembly

Valve Clearance Adjustment
Inspection Valve Clearance Inspection and Adjustment     Inspect and adjust the valve clearance when the engine is cold (Engine coolant temperature : 20°C(68°F)) and cylinder ...

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